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A regular skin care program is critical to maintaining healthy, vibrant skin. Our facials combine a complete skin analysis with a customized treatment program designed for your particular skin type and condition resulting in optimal and long lasting results. 

Don’t be confused by the various types of facials; your technician can recommend what is best for you. 

Esthetica uses and recommends the following skin care lines:

Kerstin Florian


Facials: Service


(60 MIN)


This introductory facial will help with learning and understanding the basics of great skin care including acne solutions. Cleaning, toning, steaming and/or masking will be done and recommendations will be discussed to continue good skin care at home.



A typical Classic facial provides deep cleaning, extractions, massage and a mask specifically chosen for your skin. A serene and lovely hour at the spa.

(60 MIN)


The quickest way to achieve a healthy youthful glow is to buff away layers of dead skin. In this facial, a pressurized jet scours the skin and vacuums dead skin cells. This facial also helps with the reduction of fine lines.



Anyone who is living is aging, so anyone can benefit from this facial. Anti-aging facials work as a precautionary and preventative for those who are in their 20's and up. Your skin will be noticeably smoother and younger.



For all skin types. An intensive treatment for the skin to help promote the synthesis of collagen. This oxygenating facial utilizes ingredients brimming with anti-oxidants rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. prepare yourself for 90 minutes of bliss.



Any Facial may be performed on the back if requested.

Facials: List
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